We just got back from a perfect week in Maui, and we’re here to report this hard-hitting journalistic fact – everyone is telling the truth about Hawaii. It is, in fact, heaven on earth. When the Bible talks about the promised land, it was in fact, referring to Maui. Crazy, I know. But in all seriousness – what’s not to love about an island with a slow pace of life, great food, perfect weather, that you can get away with wearing a swimsuit cover-up all day at? Today, we wanted to share our top five things you have to do while in Maui. This is in no way the ONLY things you should do in Maui, but these are our top picks.

-The Heart Rock and Nakalele Blowhole

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen people making Taylor Swift heart hands in front of a heart shaped rock while in Maui. This rock is right next to the Nakalele Blowhole and is worth the trip to see both. Be warned – the hike down and up is pretty steep and has a bunch of loose rocks. Loosely translated, don’t be an idiot and wear flip flops as I did.

-The Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is famous for a reason. After reading a lot of information on the drive itself, we took peoples advice and got started SUPER early (we left around 5:30 am), so that we wouldn’t have a ton of road traffic. We downloaded the ‘Gypsy Guide’ to Hana app, and it was amazing. It recommended stops and told us where to pull off.

-Watch the Sunrise at Haleakalā

Yes, it requires getting up at 3 am, but the view is totally worth it. Make sure you wear warm clothes (I brought a blanket too!), and to reserve your park pass BEFORE your trip.

-Visit Turtle Town

Turtle Town is in Wailea, and it’s a great spot to climb on some rocks, kayak, or snorkel to see some turtles. One day when climbing over the rocks there, we saw EIGHT turtles on the beach. To say I was quoting a bunch of ‘Finding Nemo’ lines would be an understatement.

-Hang out on the beaches on the westside

Maui’s west coast is famous for their scenic beaches. Our favorite place to spend the day is at Kapalua Bay, but you really can’t go wrong with whatever you pick.

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