Five Things Experienced Disney Travelers Should Be Doing

Are you a Disney World fanatic? Is your home and Christmas tree filled with memorabilia relating to the Mouse? Do you insert Walt quotes into everyday conversation? Do you have a countdown on your phone to your next Disney trip? WELCOME TO THE CLUB! YOU’RE A DISNEY VETERAN! It’s a lifetime illness that we know no cure for, and want no cure for. After a multitude of Disney trips though, we think there are certain things you should be doing, or at least consider doing, that we’re talking about today on the blog.

ljp_0231ljp_0160ljp_00691. Consider DVC
The Disney Vacation Club is one of the things we get asked questions about the most. It’s touted as Disney’s best kept secret – but we think the only real secret is that it’s more affordable than you think it is. We wrote a whole blog about it earlier, and it was one of our most popular blogs of the year. You can find that blog here, where we talk about buying DVC on resale, through our friends at DVC Resale Market. It’s the most affordable way to guarantee years of Disney memories for your family, in luxury accommodations, and we recommend any Disney fan seriously consider this option.

20160918-ljp_215920160918-ljp_167420160918-ljp_15892. Stop Waiting In Line
If the line is longer than thirty minutes, get out of it! There will be a time of day, when it’s shorter! Whether it means getting to the park when it first opens, staying late, using FastPasses, single rider, or just knowing how traffic flows in the park – there’s always a way to ride popular rides without a long line.

20160918-ljp_147220160917-ljp_136320160917-ljp_13183. Beat The Meal Rush
Going hand in hand with beating the lines, is eating meals at ‘off-times’. Experienced Disney World travelers know that there’s nothing fun about standing in line at Cosmic Rays with a billion other people, while trying to not trip over children and balance three trays and a drink. Go a little earlier or a little later, for a much more enjoyable experience, with less crowds, and breathing room.

20160917-ljp_127820160917-ljp_115920160626-ljp_64634. Listening To Cast Members
Cast Members are some of the nicest, most genuine, most magical people in the world. They work really hard to make your vacation the best it can be – but they can’t do the impossible. One thing we love about Disney World veterans is that they always treat Cast Members well, and know that Cast Members have their best interests at heart when they ask them to do something. So whether they’re asking you to not use flash photography on a ride, or to keep your feet off the curb when the Headless Horsemen rides, we love that Disney veterans go out of their way to comply quickly, and make CMs jobs easier.

20160626-ljp_644520160626-ljp_636020160626-ljp_63595. Not Rushing Out Of The Park
The longest lines of the day, as any Disney veteran can know, will be the ride for the monorail, boat, tram, or bus, right after a parks nightly entertainment. The best thing you can do is stay in the parks for an extra half hour, and enjoy the ambiance, instead of waiting in line for that thirty minutes.

20160626-ljp_633820160626-ljp_626120160625-ljp_6067We all love Disney World (which is why we’re all reading a Disney blog), and we know that doing a few things after an abundance of Disney trips can make our time in the parks continue to run smoothly, and keep the magic alive.