My Favorite Shoes For Disney

I get a ton of questions about footwear for Disney – and it’s a completely reasonable question, since on any given day in a Disney Park, you’re going to walk upwards of ten miles. So basically, you’re either going to have a sore foot day, or an excruciatingly painful foot day – which, out of the two of those, I would always pick just having sore feet. Today, I’m sharing my favorite shoes, that hold up well for long days of walking in the park, but also go well with a variety of outfits.

-Foot Bed Sandals

Can we all just take a minute to praise Jesus that people have taken the same kind of material that Birkenstocks are made out of, and put them in cute sandals? Foot Bed Sandals are my favorite shoes for the parks – they’re comfortable, they’re perfect for the rain that’s bound to happen, and they’re super breathable.

-Lace Up Canvas Sneakers

I love just lace up canvas sneakers from Target – they’re super comfortable and cheap – and I put gel insoles in them for extra support. Also Target tends to carry Disney merch a lot, and I’ve found some of my favorite Disney shoes there.

-Claire Flats

These are basically the only ballet flats I can comfortably wear in the parks. They have memory foam in the soles, and don’t bite into the back of your heels.

At the end of the day, wear whatever shoes you find to be the most comfortable, and take a couple of pairs for your trip, to switch them out.

You can shop my favorite shoes for Disney here, here, here, here, and here.