D23 Announcements We’re Most Excited For

Yesterday, was like Christmas Day for a Disney fan. The Parks Panel at the D23 Expo is the Super Bowl, The World Series, the Pro Bowl, and every other sports analogy that I can’t think of, because I’m not a sports fan. Today, we’re compiling our favorite announcements from The Parks Panel, so we can all get excited about the future of the Disney Parks together.

-Tron Coaster in Tomorrowland
The Tron Coaster in Shanghai Disneyland is one of the highest rated guest attractions, and we think it’s going to make a great addition to Tomorrowland. Plus, with The Magic Kingdom being the most guest heavy park, any time another E-Ticket attraction is added, it helps even out the way crowds disperse, which is always a great thing.

-Star Wars Hotel at WDW
This is probably the announcement David is most excited about, as a huge Star Wars fan. He can’t wait for a truly immersive Star Wars experience, and the chance to stay among the stars.my shorts are here, my purse is here, and my top is here.

-Ratatouille Ride in France Pavilion
We loved the Ratatouille Ride in Disneyland Paris, and think that adding it to World Showcase is a good addition. We have personally thought that the addition of Frozen Ever After has gone a long way in making World Showcase more kid friendly, and Ratatouille will do that even more – plus, it’s a quality ride.

-Guardians of The Galaxy Ride in Epcot
We know that some people think that this ride doesn’t fit with the original mission of Epcot, but we think that it’s replacing a tired attraction that wasn’t helping with crowds, is a good idea.

-Mickey and Minnie Runway Railway coming to Hollywood Studios and replacing The Great Movie Ride
We’re thrilled about this. We liked The Great Movie Ride, but we know that Hollywood Studios is so attraction light, and needs more attractions to fill its slate, and we think this is a great move towards overhauling the park.

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-Disney’s Riviera Resort will become Disney’s newest DVC resort
Disney Resorts are an experience, not just a place to stay, so we celebrate anytime a new one opens. Plus, with it being more affordable than ever to buy into DVC with DVC Resale, and more affordable to stay DVC than ever with DVC Rental Store, this is good news for everyone.

-Paradise Pier will become Pixar Pier at DCA
We love Paradise Pier, but we think that DCA is one of Disney’s strongest parks, and we think this is a good thematic move.

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-Adjacent to Mission:Space will be a new table service restaurant with views of space.
THIS IS JUST SO DARN COOL. We love cool theme dining, and this is an amazing idea for a restaurant.

We’re thrilled for the future of the Disney Parks, with all the changes that are coming. These are such smart, great changes, and such a great time to be a Disney fan.