Best Parts of Disney World at Night

Disney Parks are better at night. That’s not something that’s debatable, that’s just a fact. Disney comes alive at night – the parks are brilliantly Imagineered, with softly nuanced lighting, and different magical touches that make the whole park feel like a fairy land. Today, we’re talking about the parts of WDW that are the BEST to experience when the sun goes down.

-Old Fantasyland
Is there anything quite as magical as Old Fantasyland? Part German Village, part Cinderella’s small town, and part whimsical town from your dreams. At night, as the lights from the carousel combine with the twinkling lights from the buildings, make everything from the ground to the buildings glow, you swear it’s an enchanted land.

-The Tangled Restrooms
Yes, it might be a restroom, but when nighttime comes, and they turn the floating lanterns on, you’ll swear that ‘At Last I See The Light’ is playing somewhere, and you’re watching your own floating lantern festival.

This might seem like a sleeper pick, but both Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain, look completely different when lit up at night (and are both far better rides at night), and is great to experience.

-Main Street
Main Street is always my favorite place at Disney World, but at night, when things quiet down, and people empty out, it truly is magic. Stay, watch The Kiss Goodnight, and be utterly enchanted.

-The France Pavilion
This is our favorite pavilion to begin with, but at night, with the lights glowing on the fountain, and the Eiffel Tower, and the bistro shining yellow and golden, it’s an even more special place to sit, and take in a few quiet moments.

-The Morocco Pavilion 
We think Morocco might be the most underrated of all the Pavilions. It feels like it twists and turns, with hidden corners and alleyways – and you always expect Aladdin to show up. It’s perfect at night, when the light shines on all the colorful tile.

-The Fountain in Future World
We always love the Future World fountains, but if you get a chance to sit and watch them during The Holidays, take the opportunity.

This might be the newcomer to the list, but it SHOULD NOT be missed. It’s incredible to watch the bioluminescence ground beneath your feet, as you stare up at the illuminated floating mountains.

-Everest in Asia
The string lights illuminate overhead, and the atmosphere is just generally insanely cool. It’s a not to be missed on our list.

What makes your list, or your favorite parts of WDW to experience at night? Overall, we’re just of the opinion that the parks are better at night, and we’re always up to experience new parts.